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British National Overseas (BNO)

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Renewing British National Overseas (BNO) Passport

1. Download the application form

Application form

First passport – Adult
Should complete sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9.
The counter signatory must fill in section 10 and sign one of your passport photos.

First passport – Child
Should complete sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9. Section 6 if it applies.
The counter signatory must fill in section 10 and sign one of your child’s passport photos.

2. Photos - Include 2 identical new photos

You must submit two (2) identical photos with your U.K. passport application. One (1) photo must be signed by your Countersignature. The photos must be according to the following criteria: In Color, against light grey or cream background, free of any reflection or glare (we recommend you take off the glasses), face forward, eyes open nothing covering your face, look natural with no facial expression. (No teeth showing)

Click Here To Get Instruction To Make Acceptable Passport Photo

3. Counter Signature

Applications can be processed more quickly where the counter signatory has a British or Irish passport. A counter signatory is someone who can confirm your identity. They need to confirm that, to the best of their knowledge, the details you have given in your application are correct, and they must also confirm that the photograph is of you.

Adult Applications - Provide the countersignature if you cannot be recognized from the photograph in your current passport,

Child Applications - Please provide a countersignature and signed photos to renew a child passport

The countersignatory must:

  • be a professional person (including those who are retired) for example, bank or building society officials, police officers, civil servants, ministers of religion and people with professional qualifications like teachers, accountants, engineers and solicitors.
  • have known you personally for at least two years,
  • and hold a British, Irish or other EU, US, or Commonwealth passport (in that order of preference) which has not run out.
  • remember to endorse the back of the photo by writing “I certify that this is a true likeness of…………” and have that person sign and date the picture.
  • Applications can be processed more quickly where the counter signatory has a British or Irish passport.
  • Please attach a copy of countersigns current passport

4. What supporting documents do I need to send?

  • Your original BNO passport
  • You must submit Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card
  • If you’ve lost your Permanent Identity Card, you must send complete and send the following form:
    A personal identification form

5. Current Photo ID – You need to provide two forms of photo IDs.

  • Send a good copy of the photo page of your non-UK passport and a copy of another government issued photo Id
  • Send two forms of government issued photo ID (e.g. resident card, driving licence, work authorization card, Canadian Health Card)

6. EBP passport processing order form

It is mandatory to send this form if you are using our service.

Please download the passport processing form


Payment can be made by Credit card. If you want to send a Money Order, Cashier or Certified checks should be payable in US Dollars and only to be written to the Express British Passport Services. (Personal cheques are not accepted as forms of payment)

‘Paying by credit card or debit card’ form

Send your application

We strongly encourage you to mail your documents using a traceable delivery method to the following address:-

Express British passport Services

We cannot: take responsibility for applications and supporting documentation which goes missing in the mail.